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Checkweighing and metal-detection of loose hamburgers.

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Italy, Meat processing

Integrated high speed checkweighing of many types of pasta packages.


Turkey, Pasta processing

High speed weighing and products sorting by weight.

APO Fruit

Italy, Fruit processing

Checkweighing of chemical products in plastic bottles and jars.


South Africa, Detergents

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Checkweigher for Plastic Cutlery

Today we would like to reserve this space to our Series S Checkweighers, our solutions designed for small and light products, high speed applications, like pharma, small industrial components, particular food/beverage products etc. This video shows a Series S...

Series C Checkweigher – Pasta

Today we're up to show you a new video about our Series C compact and versatile checkweighers, scaling and sorting various formats and types of pasta. Short macaroni packs, long spaghetti bags etc.: NEMESIS Series C checkweighers suit a whole world of applications....

2-Channels Twin Checkweigher

Today we would like to share with you a video showing a custom Series C Twin Checkweigher. Pasta packs run on two parallel channels, each scaling the products and ejecting non-complying ones. The parallel channels can work together at a time as well as individually....

Thin-based Bottles and Sprays

Today's video shows one of our checkweighing systems, properly studied for to scale and select bottles and sprays. This kind of products are small-based, tall items, often fed on the checkweigher in a stream of nearly adherent bottles. That's why this system features...

Spacing Red Beets

Today we would like to share a new video, showing a Series C checkweigher featuring a spacing and unifying system. Red beets comes from the feeding machine in two or three parallel lines: the unifying device re-organizes them in a unique channel, then the packs are...

600 Cans/Minute Checkweigher

Today we're happy to share with you a video showing our Series R high speed checkweigher scaling and selecting cans at the impressive speed of 600 pieces per minute. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nugvsXAuk8U   Contact us to check with our experts the best...