5 good reasons for considering to buy a checkweigher



1) Measuring the real weigh of 100% of the product line throughput

A checkweigher allows the max accuracy monitoring of 100% daily production, rejecting non conforming products (over or underweight), also avoiding missing items or components.

Manual sampling, even when legally admitted, only ensure the complying of a minimal products percentage, with huge reputational, commercial and legal risks.




2) Saving product costs and manpower, stop to giveaways.

A checkweigher makes you forget not only underweight packages, but also overfilling. Allowing real-time line adjustments, this leads to stop giveaways and impressing cost savings.

On balance, checkweigher’s price will be totally pay-backed IN JUST A FEW MONTHS.



3) Warding customers and distributors.

Commercializing underweight products will menace your company’s reputation and market reliability, both for your distributors and final consumers.

Weighing 100% of the production will keep your business relations safe and, even more important, protects the final consumers and defends your company from incurring in legal actions.



4) Complying International and Community Laws

International Bureau and European Community Laws rule the mandatory controls and weighing process for prepacked products.

All NEMESIS systems are 100% MID and OIML R-51 certified.



5) Reporting and measuring the entire line’s efficiency

NEMESIS checkweighers’ integrated software systems record all output products data, automatically running reports and analysis on the entire line’s efficiency and process quality.