Yesterday we published the first part of a brief insight about our innovative EasyWeigh® technology, focusing on the problems we wanted to overcome with EasyWeigh®.

Today we’ll show EasyWeigh®’s advantages concerning its easiness of use, even with a wide range of different products, and certification.


No more learning and calibration

Thanks to its innovative algorithm, EasyWeigh® technology allows to weigh every new product shape, format or line orientation without the need of any calibration, learning procedures (for example, weighing 10 samples, editing the dimensions of new product) or any other check (no tests are required to verify that the dynamic weight shown is equal to the static weight – boring and time wasting operation, especially to find the proper correction factor).

The only data to consider are the conveyors maximum linear speed and maximum measurable weight: any object within these limits, regardless of shape, packaging, content and size, can be immediately weighed on the checkweigher.

Just select the new product’s speed, valid weight thresholds and press Start.


All-round certification

An EasyWeigh® system gives certified measurements for every product just having weight and line speed within the machine’s limit, no need for specific allowances on the metrological plate: EasyWeigh® metrological plate (see Fig. 2) only shows those ranges.

Fig. 2: EasyWeigh® metrological plate


In the next chapter we’ll focus on our smart load cell‘s technology. See you tomorrow!