Yesterday we mentioned our smart load cell technology: let’s see what we were talking about!


Smart load cell

The two existing types of weighing sensors (load cells) used for checkweighers are Electromagnetic load cells and Strain gauge load cells:

  • Electromagnetic load cells have good weighing accuracy, but are very fragile and expensive;
  • Strain gauge load cells, on the contrary, tend to reach inferior precision levels, but are very sturdy and far more convenient.


Nemesis EasyWeigh® system bases on strain gauge load cells (very sturdy by themselves), also installing additional strong protections to best prevent any hurting / overload damage all around the cell.

This primarily means dramatically reducing the need of load cell replacing, avoiding huge costs of maintenance.

Nonetheless, thanks to our innovative technology, we are able to obtain accuracy performances equal, or even superior, to Electromagnetic load cells.


No need to choose between accuracy and resistance, just get the both.


Tomorrow we’ll show the advantages EasyWeigh® features concerning inferior products’ spacing needs.