Finally here we are with the final chapter of our insight about EasyWeigh® technology.

Today we’ll show why our machines are versatile, green and energy saving systems.


A smaller machine, a greener machine

EasyWeigh® system, allowing the use of shorter conveyors (for to know more about, please see our April 13th news, “EasyWeigh® Technology 4/5“), leads to a globally smaller and flexible machine.

This is indeed a very interesting element to consider, in fact a smaller machine has numerous advantages compared to a bigger one:

1. A compact machine is not just space-saving by herself, but – even more important – far easier to integrate in the production line, where space is often a key driver;

2. The smaller the machine, the less its energy compsuntion: Nemesis green technology allows up to 80% energy saving to the user (and, for us, up to 50% reduction of energy used for building the systems, being free from heavy mechanical structures);

3. Reduced maintenance costs, thanks to the aforementioned increased durability and the inferior spare parts cost and easier shipping.


With this last episode we concluded our excursus of EasyWeigh® technology.

We hope it could have been interesting for you and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about!