2018 generation of NEMESIS systems features a full new electronics, greatly enhancing the machine functionality, versatility, and diagnostics.

Let’s get a brief overview of the main new features.

Flexible structure

Our new electronic boards have a modular architecture, that allows to expand and upgrade the system’s functionalities, basing on the customer’s application development in time.

Proactive feedback correction, remote speed control, enhanced line integration and custom PLC are only some of the possible opportunities to explore.

Smart motors troubleshooting

All the system’s servomotors feature an integrated LED diagnostics, for an immediate signaling and detection of proper alimentation, consumption and overall working.

It’s sufficient to look at the motor’s LED plate to check if it’s ON (blue LED on), if the alimentation is properly provided (orange LED on) or to detect an eventual over-absorption (red LED on) etc.

On-Screen configurable speed

No more needs for tools or work to change the machines preset speed. With the new electronic boards, it is possible to change the conveyors’ speed by just input the meters/minute value on the display interface.

All the speed-bound parameters (number of pieces per minute, ejection timing, etc.) are automatically set by the system, accordingly to the selected speed and saved between the current program settings.

Empowered diagnostics

NEMESIS systems onboard diagnostics has never been so easy and complete, now with:

  • Green LEDs for input visualization;
  • Red LEDs for output visualization;
  • LED diagnostics for fuses;
  • New auxiliary logic inputs, allowing to detect at a glance the status of all the single components and protection devices installed on the machine;
  • No more needs of system rebooting for divisions check;
  • Easy-to-extract guided troubleshooting reports (load-cell, weighing) automatically generated.

Whole new functionalities

  • Integrated remote start / emergency stop;
  • Built-in jumper for super easy bypass mode;
  • Encoder input with logic output;
  • LADDER / BASIC programmable micro PLC with 4 relé outputs;
  • Modbus RS485 for the data exchange with Touchscreen control panel.