Weigh-Price Labeler

K Series - Designed to satisfy your needs
Key Features

K Series Key Features


Top, side, bottom, front, “C” and pneumatic applicators are only some of the available possibilities.

Open System

Featuring NiceLabel 2017 and a free PLU editors, the design of the labels is up to you.


Fast and precise labeling, up to 150/min; freedom of choice of label’s measures and contents.



MID European Directive and OIML R-51 full certified. NEMESIS is an ISO 9001 company.

A World of Opportunities

Technology, at your side

Top Labeler

The label is placed on the top face of the products, applied by an air compressed blast.  

Bottom Labeler

The label is placed on the bottom face of the products, running over the applicator.

Front Labeler

The label is placed on the front face of the products, applied by a pneumatic labeling arm.

Side Labeler

The label is placed on the lateral face of the products, applied by an air compressed blast.

Pneumatic Arm Labeler

The label is placed on the top face of the products, applied by a pneumatic labeling arm.

Round Products Labeler

Special top labeler’s architecture with pairs of reclinable twin belts, for the ideal application. 

Combo Labeler

Top + side, top + bottom, side + bottom labelers are just some of our combo configurations.

“C” Labeler

The label wraps the product from the top face to the bottom, while running through the applicator.

Technical Datasheet

Customization is our standard

15g up to 30kg

Scale interval “e”

≥ 1g

Display resolution “d”

≥ 0.1g

Accuracy (3σ)

≥ ±0.5g


≤  150 ppm

Belt Speed

≤ 40 m/min

Power Consumption

≤ 0.5 kw 


1 up to 6 conveyors

IP Protection

IP54 (IP65 option)

Height 460mm up to 1200mm
Conveyor(s) width 90mm up to 456mm
Conveyor(s) length 150mm up to 750mm
Conveyor(s) type Polyurethane Belt
Twin Reclining

Automatic Ejectors

  • Side pneumatic ejector
  • Air blast ejector
  • Double-nozzle air blast ejector

Information Packs

  • 7″ touchscreen control panel
  • 10″ touchscreen control panel
  • NEMESIS Data Manager
  • NEMESIS Analytics
  • Integrated printer for reports
  • Lights and acoustic alarm tower

Security Devices

  • Air pressure check
  • Rejection photocell
  • Reject bin full photocell
  • Plastic reject bin
  • Stainless steel reject bin


  • Proactive feedback correction
  • Remote control panel
  • Reinforced architecture

Case study: Watermelons

This video shows our weigh-price labeler’s line dedicated to melonswatermelons and all the other round-shaped fruits and vegetables.

Its innovative configuration allows the best sustain and stability of the products running on the special reclinable twin conveyors.

This machines can scale and label fruits and vegs up to 20 kg, with extraordinary accuracy and speed (more than 50 pieces per minute, even for the bigger formats).

Nonetheless, the conveyors are designed with a special adjustable architecture, that makes possible to also set them flat, in order to be suitable for weighing trays and crates in addition to bulk products.

NEMESIS products are delivered in over 50 countries and we are continuously looking for new partners to increase our distribution network.

NEMESIS has a capillary network of distributors with technical capabilities, who care of sales, installation and after sales assistance of our checkweighers.

Designed to Be Your Friend

High-tech has never been so easy

Easy to use

Setup every function of the system with less than 5 touches on the screen.


Automatically export all the weighing data and statistics on your pendrive,

Integrated printer

Get the total overview of every single batch directly on paper, reports structure is perfectly customizable on your needs.

Emergency stop

Quick and smart start/stop of the machine's conveyors.

Efficiency monitor

Keep the full line's production rate, quality and results under control, with the help of specific graphics and statistics.

Data management software

Storage up to 24 months production data, automatically export them via multiple channels and easily get analysis reports.

Fully customizable display

Manage your main working screen with a smart designer, that allows you to select the ideal information and data to display.

Downloads and Connectivity

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NEMESIS is on YouTube!

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The complete NEMESIS catalog in PDF is available here.


NEMESIS is an ISO 9001 quality assured organization and our machines are MID & OIML certified.

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