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Weigh-Price Top Labeler for ready meals trays

How to get an easy-to-use machine to weigh and label ready meals trays? By choosing our K Series Weigh Price Top Labeler which we supply with a complimentary laptop and its relevant label design programs already installed and configurated, a sort of plug-and-play...

Eye Drops Bottles Control

Eye Drops bottles are very small and lightweight, with a pretty considerable output per minute for each line. This is a special system we realized for the control of such products, with very high accuracy performances (scale interval "e"= 0.05g / display resolution =...

Milk Bottles Control @300ppm

Today we are sharing a new case history of a milk processing line. The installed custom high-speed checkweigher controls the weight and sorts the PET bottles running at a speed of 300 pc./min. The installation has been realized flanking...

Metal Detector + Labeler

Today we're going to introduce an interesting case study for a fully customized, integrated system operating in a cheese processing line. This unit combines a multi-spectrum metal detector, for the top quality inspection of the metallic contamination, with a bottom...

Barcode Scan & Front Labeling

Today we would like to show you an interesting case history about a customized NEMESIS Series K weigh-price labeler, featuring a barcode scan system. The line runs multiple different formats of poultry crates, all mixed up: the reader scans the barcodes on every...

Fruit / Vegs Compilation

Fruits & Vegs processing is one of the most important industries in which checkweighers, weigh-price labelers and metal detectors are used for a top quality control.   Today we take this space to show you a compilation of Fruits & Vegs applications at...

“C” Label Applicator

Today we would like to dedicate this space to one of the possible weigh-price labeling solutions available in our range: "C" label applicator.   As shown in the video, the system scales the packages (also...

Aggressive Chemicals Tanks

Today's video shows a particular Series H Checkweigher, designed for scaling and sorting tanks of aggressive chemical liquids. Not only the heavy weight of the tanks (the system has a maximum scale capacity of 35000 g) but also the risk of product’s losses, that could...

Double Control for Pasta

Today's video shows NEMESIS MX Series combo checkweigher + metal-detector system performing a double end-line control for dry and fresh pasta.   Firstly products are inspected by the metal-detector and, in case...

Scaling and Sorting Small Bottles

Today we would like to share a new video, showing some of our systems properly designed for scaling and sorting bottles, sprays and tall cylindrical products. Featuring a double couple of feeding belts, extra-small scale conveyor and knife-edge conveyor rollers, the...

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