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Metal-Detection at the State of the Art

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Checkweighing and metal-detection of loose hamburgers.

Eat Meat

Italy, Meat processing

Integrated high speed checkweighing of many types of pasta packages.


Turkey, Pasta processing

High speed weighing and products sorting by weight.

APO Fruit

Italy, Fruit processing

Checkweighing of chemical products in plastic bottles and jars.


South Africa, Detergents

NEMESIS products are delivered in over 50 countries and we are continuously looking for new partners to increase our distribution network.

NEMESIS has a capillary network of distributors with technical capabilities, who care of sales, installation and after sales assistance of our checkweighers.

What's New?

New products, case histories, info & much more

“NEXT” the new generation of Checkweighers

In 2023 Nemesis will be launching NEXT, a new design and certification applicable to all Checkweigher Series, offering better MID-certified performance in a more sustainable machine: 0.2 g accuracy and conveyor belt speed up to 100 m/min in products from 5 g up....

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New D Series Checkweigher – Special “Retail Edition”

Just conceived for the Retail and Food Industry, Nemesis is launching a new Special Checkweigher which not only 100% inspects your fresh produce but also provides a more hygienic environment thanks to its special perfectly sealed stainless steel guards: smooth and...

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Weigh-Price Top Labeler for ready meals trays

How to get an easy-to-use machine to weigh and label ready meals trays? By choosing our K Series Weigh Price Top Labeler which we supply with a complimentary laptop and its relevant label design programs already installed and configurated, a sort of plug-and-play...

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Press Review

Italian Food Tech, the trade journal specialised in Food Processing and Packaging Technologies, recommends our Series G Checkweighers in their latest tech news. As a matter of fact this series stands out for operating in hostile conditions, like environments with a...

Eye Drops Bottles Control

Eye Drops bottles are very small and lightweight, with a pretty considerable output per minute for each line. This is a special system we realized for the control of such products, with very high accuracy performances (scale interval "e"= 0.05g / display resolution =...

Milk Bottles Control @300ppm

Today we are sharing a new case history of a milk processing line. The installed custom high-speed checkweigher controls the weight and sorts the PET bottles running at a speed of 300 pc./min. https://youtu.be/J3FqoonzleQ The installation has been realized flanking...